We are the prominent manufacturer and supplier highly involved in providing an optimal quality range of mini 4p machine and The offered cnc diamond machine,diamond chain cutting machine, chain faceting machine is widely used to cut and shape a cvd diamond into the desired shape, before it gets to the market. CNC Diamond Cutting Machine is Specially Created For Gold/Silver Jewellery. 100% Recovery of Precious Metal. Also Suitable For use With Brass Strips



  • first process is worker diamond attach with specially glu on dye.

2.Set the dye on fixture

  • 4p machine operator set the dye on fixture on suatiable seat.seat is make of magenate.magenate grip on dye very strongly.

3.Setting the diagram

  • Operater set diamond in the machine programing diagram and operator press ''enter'' key 2times after machine start his process.

4.Table cutting

  • This is 4p machine first process.Machine started to cutting of diamonds table.lessar down on diamond table and diamond table is ready in few second buy machine.

5.Crown cutting

  • End of table cutting after operator press "N'' button.machine started to cutting of diamond crown part.lessar down on diamond crown part and crown is ready in few second buy machine.

6.Girdle cutting

  • End of crown cutting process after himself machine started to girdle cutting process.lessar down on girdle and girdle ready in few seconds buy machine.

7.Pavillion cutting

  • This is the last process of machine.End of girdle cutting after operater press "N" key after machine start to pavillion cutting process lessar down on pavillion part and pavillion ready in few seconds by machine after diamond is ready for faceting work.


  • Auto Power, Auto Air

  • USB Base Controller

  • Servo Carnival

  • i3 Computer System

  • CNC table 150*150*100mm

  • Machine Size 1630*880*1530mm